fairytrees's Journal

All your t h e o r i e s turn to dust.
Stylesheet by butterflybox

1. I make all the icon and graphics you see here.
2. I make all the icon and graphics I post at LJ comms unless stated.
3. You can find all of my resources here.
4. Comments make me smile. (:
5. If you have any questions or concerns, comment (nicely).
6. I forgot who made the two MCR userpics I have. >.< Speak up?

1. If you take anything, credit me please.
2. Don't be an ass here, okay? (:
3. If you take anything, I'd love it if you comment.
4. This is a drama-free zone.
5. Type legibly, okay? Like a normal citizen.

About Me:
1. I love making lists. xD
2. I listen to tons of bands, pretty weird for a 13-year old. Like...
- The Academy Is..., Aiden, All Time Low, Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, The Beatles, blink-182, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Bowling for Soup, Cobra Starship, Cute is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessional, Electric Valentine, Fall Out Boy, Finger 11, FM Static, Franz Ferdinand, From First to Last, Green Day, Gym Class Heroes, Head Automatica, Hellogoodbye, The Hush Sound, Jack's Mannequin, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Linkin Park, Madina Lake, Maroon 5, Mayday Parade, Motion City Soundtrack, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Oasis, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, Relient K, Say Anything, Smashing Pumpkins, Something Corporate, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, The Maine, The Used, Weezer
3. Wow, notice The Jonas Brothers aren't listed? Or Hannah Montana?! OMFG, no way. =o *end sarcasm*
4. I like reading Sarah Dessen books and mystery books.
5. Beatlemaniac, right here. :p I own Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Help!
6. I easily get hooked on things (minus drugs and all that).
7. I've been graphic-making for a year or two already. I used to really stink.
8. This is my first Livejournal account. =o Whoa geez.
9. I think you already noticed but anyways, music is my life support.
10. I'm a sap. Give me anything romantic and I'll just crash and burn. *hopeless romantic*
11. The Notebook is one of my favorite movies. So is Juno.
14. I want to be trained to act well enough to play a guy.
13. Cate Blanchett played Bob Dylan in a movie. She's truly amazing. (:
14. I want to be trained to act well enough to play The Joker (Batman). :D Like Heath Ledger.
15. I can't dance, draw, play an instrument (well) or sing (well).